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Push Button Switches


Push Button Switches

The Pushbutton Switches refers to a switch that pushes the transmission mechanism with a button to make the movable contact and the static contact open or close and realize circuit switching. The On Off Push Button Switches is a main electric appliance with a simple structure and a wide application. In the electrical automatic control circuit, it is used to manually send out control signals to control contactors, relays, electromagnetic starters, and the like.

There are many types of Waterproof Push Button Switch, which can be divided into ordinary button type, mushroom head type, self-locking type, self-reset type, rotary handle type, with indicator light type, illuminated symbol type and key type, etc. [1] Button, double button, three button and different combinations, generally adopting modular structure, consisting of button cap, return spring, bridge contact and outer casing, etc., usually made of composite type, with a pair of normally closed contacts and normally open Contacts, some products can increase the number of contacts by connecting multiple components in series.

There is also a self-contained button that automatically holds the closed position when pressed and can only be turned on after a power failure. What is a button switch The Push Button Switch can perform basic control such as start, stop, forward and reverse, shifting, and interlocking. Usually each push button switch has two pairs of contacts. Each pair of contacts consists of a normally open contact and a normally closed contact. When the button is pressed, the two pairs of contacts act simultaneously, the normally closed contact opens, and the normally open contact closes. In order to indicate the function of each Illuminated Push Button Switch and avoid misoperation, the button caps are usually made into different colors to distinguish them, and the colors are red, green, black, yellow, blue, white, and the like. For example, red indicates a stop button, green indicates a start button, and the like.

The main parameters, type, mounting hole size, number of contacts and current capacity of the Anti-Vandal Switch are described in detail in the product manual. Button switch model meaning The model meaning of the button switch: Button switch classification Buttons can be classified according to operation mode and protection mode. Common button types and features: Open type: suitable for inserting and fixing on the switch board, Button switch on the panel of the control cabinet or console. The code is K. Protective: With protective cover, it can prevent internal button parts from being damaged by mechanical or human touched parts, code H. Waterproof: Sealed enclosure prevents rain from entering. The code is S. Anti-corrosion type: It can prevent the intrusion of chemical corrosive gases. Codenamed F. Explosion-proof: It can be used in places containing explosive gases and dust without causing explosions, such as coal mines. Codenamed B. Knob type: Rot

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