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The Secret of Buying a home switch


The Secret of Buying a home switch

Mechanical Switch The installation method of this type of switch is divided into two types: open-mounted and concealed. Their operation modes are roughly as follows: seesaw type, toggle type, button type, and pull type. Such switches have mechanically separated contacts, relying on the air gap between the contacts to open the circuit, which is simple and convenient, and most of the control lights in the room use such switches.

Electronic switches These switches are also available in both mounted and concealed versions. They can be switched on and off using voice control, light control, remote control, and touch. They generally do not have the contacts of the air gap breaking circuit, and rely on the non-contact switch of the electronic device to realize the "on" and "off" of the circuit, which is convenient to use in special environments. The sound and light control automatic delay switch is used in many building corridors.

Faced with a variety of wall switches, how do consumers choose the right one?

Remote control switch for lighting in long corridors, remote control switch for electric curtains, etc.;

In the bathroom, bath room or kitchen, you can choose a switch with waterproof rating or install a waterproof box;

In the environment with large dust and dust, the switch with dustproof level should be selected;

If the color TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, audio, etc. are placed in the same room, the selected wall switch should match the load condition of these appliances. In addition, these appliances should be controlled by independent switches. Try not to use the same switch to avoid peak current at the same time. Too high to burn the switch.

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