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What is Keylock Switches and How did they work


Key Switches Information

Key Switches are activated by a key that is turned in a circle and can stop in a range of positions.The Momentary Key Switch provide security for a switching function because they require a key to activate them and may have multiple positions they can turn to or simply turn to one position. The12mm Key Lock Switch are a type of rotary switch with the added security of a key.

How a lock works

A common application of the Electric Key Switch is in a car ignition; the key can be used to start the car, or to turn the aux ignition (radio, lights) on. The Electric Key Switches are also found in industrial manufacturing equipment to prevent unauthorized use, or for safety reasons. For example, if an emergency stop switch is pressed it may require a keylock switch to be turned in order to reset the machine. Keylock switches may also be used for safety such as on the control box for blasting and demolition operations and on computers in place of additional passwords.


Disk Tumbler

A disk tumbler (also spelled disc) is composed of slotted rotating detainer disks. A special key rotates the disks to align the slots and allow the sidebar to drop into the slots and open the lock. They do not use springs. Disk tumbler locks are better suited for areas with harsh conditions and are often used at outdoor locations like railroad and public utility installations.

Pin Tumbler

The pin tumbler is a locking mechanism that uses pins of various lengths to prevent the lock from opening without the correct key. It is commonly used in cylinder locks.

Wafer Tumbler

Wafer locks use a set of flat wafers to prevent the lock from opening without the proper key. It is composed of a single piece, but functions much like the pin tumbler lock.

Tubular Locks

Also known as a tubular pin tumbler lock, a tubular lock is a type of pin tumbler lock in which six to eight pins are arranged in a circular pattern and the corresponding key is tubular or cylindrical in shape.

Double Sided and Single Sided Key

A double sided key has two sets of teeth, a standard upper level and a lower, less defined level. These are more difficult locks to pick than single sided keys which only have one set of teeth.


Switches may have two or many contacts, may turn in one direction or two directions, may be momentary operation, or on off or some combination. The switching can be normally open or closed or change over.

Number of Poles

The number of poles is the number of separate circuits that can be activated at any given time. The term "pole" describes the number of separate circuits controlled by a switch; it is the input or common terminal. The number of circuits controlled determines the number of switch contacts, which in turn determines the poles needed to make or break the contacts. Switches typically have between one and four poles. The most common are a single pole (SP), a double pole (DP), or a triple pole switch (3P). Note that, in the image, the switch is connected to three separate circuits and has three contacts.

Number of Sizes:

19Mm 3 Position Key Switch

16Mm Key Switches

12Mm Key Lock Switch

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