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Yeswitch Electronics Co,.ltd, found in 1995, is one of the professional manufacturers of switches in Taiwan. We are specializing in manufacturing all kinds of switches, including metal switches, Automotive Switches, key switches, Push button Switches, toggle switches, Rocker switches,etc. Yeswitch have supply all kinds of switches to global market with the good quality and Competitive price. In recent years, we has expanded our product line from industrial products to consumer goods, catering the need for safety, practicality, and penalization. Customized services are also available upon request. To maintain competitive edge in the global market, Yeswitch has various testing equipment and...

Categories and Products

Key Switches

12MM Key Switches

Electric Momentary 12MM 2 Position Key Switch SPDT Multi Position Electric 3 Position Key Switch Plastic Cover 12 MM Momentary Key Switches SPDT 12MM Electric On Off Key Switches SPST Electric Momentary 12MM Key Switches 12MM 2 Positions Electric OFF ON Key Switches 12MM 4 Terminals SPDT Electric Key Switches SPST2 Positions On Off Electric Key Switch Plastic Cover Off On Power Key Switch Lock 270° Various Key Withdraw 4 Position Key Switch 

16MM Key Switches

Black Plastic Cover SPDT On On Key Switch Plastic Cover 3 Position Electric Key Switches Mid Size Off On Electric Key Switches UL Electric 16mm Security key Switches 

19MM Key Switches

UL Key Lock Momentary Electrical Switches Double Pole 3 Position 19mm Key Switches Changeover Electric Key Lock Switches Tubular Electrical Keylock 19mm Key Swicthes UL Electric Momentary On Off Key Switches UL Goden Plated Electric Security Key Switches Multi Position Electric 4 Position Key Switch Multi Function 5 Position Electric Security Key Switch High Current Multiple Positions UL 19mm key switches UL High Current Electrical 5 Position Key Switch UL Multi Position 4 Position key Switches Multi-position UL Certificated Electric Key Switches UL Multi Position Golden Plated Security Key Switches UL Double Reset Momentary Electric 19MM Key Switches UL Momentary Electric 19MM Key Switches 2 Pole 4 Terminals Electric Keylock Switches Off On SPST Electrical Momentary Key Switches 4A 2Terminals 2Posions Security Key Switch 2 Positions 4 Terminals 90° Electric Key Switch Zinc Alloy UL Electric Momentary 19MM Key Switches 

UL Certified Switches

UL Multi-Position Eelectric Security Key Switches UL High Current Multi-fonction Momentary Key Switch 

Dual Function Key Switches

Dual-function Electric Mechanical Key Lock Switches Dual-function Off On Electric Mechanical Key Switches Plastic Cover Dual-function 12mm Electrical Key Switches Dual-function 2 Position Key Lock Switch 

CAM Lock

Tubular Keys Mechanical Drawer Cam Lock High Quality Security Cabinet Cam Lock 12mm Zinc Alloy 100 Combinations Mechanical Key Lock 

Metal Push Button Switch

16MM Metal Switches

16MM LED Metal Push Button Switch Waterproof Led Metal Push Button Switches 16mm LED Metal Pushbutton Switches IP67 Anti-vandal LED Pushbutton Metal Switches Self-lock LED Metal Pushbutton Switches 

19MM Metal Switches

UL explosionproof Reset Metal Push Button Switches IK10 Waterproof Anti Vandal Latching Switch UL 19MM Anti Vandal Latching Push Button Switch High Current 19MM Anti-vandal Pushbutton Metal Switch Long life LED Light Capacitive Touch Switch IK10 Anti-explosion IP67 Waterproof Piezo Switch UL Certificated IK10 Metal Push Button Switch UL High Life Latching Waterproof Push Button Switch 

22MM Metal Switches

TUV Waterproof 22mm Metal Pushbutton Switch Round Momentary LED Metal Push Button Switch UL Hight Current Metal Waterproof Push Button Switch Long life Illuminated Push On Push Off Switch Illuminated Capacitive Anti Vandal Push Button Switch IP67 Waterproof Piezo Push Button Switch Long Life LED Light Waterproof Anti Vandal Switches 

25MM Metal Switches

High Current Big Power Metal Push Button Switch High Endurance UL LED Waterproof On Off Switch UL IP67 Momentary Illuminated Power Switch Hight Current Long Life Metal C 

Waterproof Push Button Switch

Sub-Miniature On Mom LED Pushbutton Switch Military Sub-Miniature Waterproof LED Pushbutton Switch Round Cap Waterproof Electrical Push Button Switches Waterproof LED Metal Electrical Push Button Switch Nickel Alloy IP67 Waterproof Metal Push ButtonSwitch Square Cap IP67 Waterproof Metal Push Button Switch Squrare IP67 Waterproof Pushbutton Switches Self Lock Long Life Waterproof Push Button Switch IP67 Waterproof Push Button Switch With Wire IP67 Round Cap LED Illuminated Push Button Switches Self Lock Waterproof Push Button Switches With Wire Long Life IP67 Waterproof Momentary Push Button Switches IP68 Waterproof Momentary Push Button Switch IP68 Waterproof Momentary Push Button Switches With Wire 

Automotive Switches

Automotive Push Button Switches

Heavy Duty 50A Automotive Push Button Switches DC 10A Waterproof Automotive Push Button Switches 10A 24V DC Waterproof Momentary Push Button Switch DC AC IP67 Waterproof Momentary Push Button Switch CUL Waterproof PATENT Waterproof Push Button Switch CUL DC AC Automotive Push Button Switches Off (ON) Momentary Metal Automotive Push Button Switches CUL Push Button Starter Switches Momentary Locking Automotive Push Button Switches 2P SPST Momentary Plastic Pushbutton Switches LED Illuminated Automotive Push Button Switches SPST Circuit LED Illuminated Push Button Switch CUL AC DC Automotive Push Button Switches Long Life LED Illuminated Push Button Switches Black 250VAC LED Illuminated Push Button Switches Electronic Momentary Locking Push Button Switch Momentary Silver Plated Automotive Push Button Switches Electronic Momentary Auto Push Button Switch Electric SPST Power Automotive Push Button Switches Durable Industrial OFF ON Automotive Push Button Switch 

Automotive Toggle Switches

OFF ON Waterproof Momentary Automotive Toggle Switches Electronic 2Position On On Locking Toggle Switches Electrical On Off Automotive Toggle Switch UL Quality Car Toggle Switch for Auto Parts Electrical Waterproof Toggle Switches for Cars Metal Automotive Toggle Switches with Watertight Boot Waterproof Automotive Toggle Switches with Watertight Boot 2-3 Position Metal Plastic Toggle Switches UL Quality 10A Automotive Toggle Switches 2-3 Position Momentary Maintain Toggle Switch 

Automotive Rocker Switches

OFF ON Electrical Automotive Rocker Switches High Current CUL Automotive Rocker Switches Lower Current Illuminated Automotive Rocker Switches CUL Automotive Waterproof Rocker Switches LED Light 3 Position Momentary Rocker Switches High Current Waterproof Rocker Switches LED Illuminated Waterproof Automotive Rocker Switches Electronic Momentary Rocker Switch with UL Certificates Electrical Illuminated Actuator Auto Rocker Switch Electrical Locking Rocker Switch with LED Light UL Certified Momentary Contact Rocker Switch 2 Position Automotive Boat Rocker Switch with LED 2 -3 Position Electronic Automotive Rocker Switch Illuminated Auto Rocker Switch for Automotive Parts Illuminated Off On Auto Rocker Switch Electronic Illuminated Rocker Switch with UL Certificates Durable 2-3 Position Momentary Rocker Switch Illuminated Standard lug Automotive Rocker Switch Electronic Off On Rocker Switch with UL Certificates Durable Black Actuator Automotive Boat Rocker Switch 

Automotive Rotary Switches

6 Position 12V/24V LED Automotive Rotary Switches 

Automotive Battery Switches

SPST OFF ON LED Automotive Battery Switches 

LED Switches

Long Life Electrical LED Momentary Push Button Switch LED Light Switches Momentary Tact Switches Dual Color Multi-color Cap Customized LED Tact Switch DPDT On Mom LED Momentary Tact Switch UL Illuminated Momentary LED Push Button Switch UL High Current Momentary LED Push Button Switch Long Life SPSD LED Push Button Light Switch SPSD Illuminated LED Push Button Switch IP67 SPST High Sensitive LED Touch Tact Switch SPST Long Life Momentary LED Tact Switch LED Waterproof Automobile 5 Way Navigation Switch LED Light Five-way Navigation Tactile Keyswitches New LED Light SP5T 5-way Navigation Switch UL IK10 Waterproof LED Light Push Button Switches LED Light Waterproof Tactile Response Anti-vandal Switch Dual Color SP5T 5-way Navigation Switch Long Life Waterproof 5-way Navigation Switch Long Life Momentary Noiseless Navigation Switch Long Life SP3T 3 Way Navigation Switch Long Life SP5T DC Automotive LED Light Switches 

Toggle Switches

Miniature SP DP 3P 4P Electrical Toggle Switch Self-locking Anti-misoperation Miniature Toggle Switch IP67 Waterproof Electrical Miniature Toggle Switch ROHS Electrical Metal Toggle Switch UL DPDT Sub-miniature Mini Toggle Switch UL Self Lock Anti-misoperation Sub-miniature Toggle Switch IP67 Electrical Sub-miniature Toggle Switches UL IP67 Sub-Miniature Waterproof Toggle Switches UL Washable Sub-miniature Triple Toggle Switches High Current Multi-position Electrical Toggle Switches Self Lock High Curren Electrical Toggle Switches High Current 12 Terminals Electrical Toggle Switches High Current Anti-touch 3 Position Toggle Switches 3P ON ON Self Lock Electrical Toggle Switches Heavy Duty 12P 2Position Toggle Switches 5A 3 Position Anti-misoperation Lock Toggle Switches CUL Long Lasting Miniature Toggle Switches Right Angle Electrical Miniature Toggle Switches Multi Position Miniature Momentary Latching Toggle Switch Waterproof Long Life Black Sealed Toggle Switch 

Push Button Switches

UL Illuminated Momentary Metal Push Button Switch IP67 Waterproof Long Life Sealed Push Button Switch IP67 Waterproof Sealed Metal Push Button Switch IP67 Waterproof Sub-Miniature Sealed Push Button Switch UL Waterproof Sub-Miniature Pushbutton Switches IP67 Ultraminiature Momentary Pushbutton Switches Hight Current SPDT DPDT 3PDT Momentary Foot switch Hight Current Metal Momentary Push Button Switches High Bright Momentary LED Push Button Switches Remote Controller Portable Pushbutton Switch Long Life IP68 Waterproof Push Button Switches IP68 Waterproof Momentary Push Button Switches IP68 Waterproof Illuminated Push Button Switch 16MM LED Momentary Push Button Switches Long Life IP67 Waterproof Push Button Switch UL Waterproof LED Illuminated Push Button Switch UL Long Life Waterproof Push Button Switch Waterproof Momemtary LED Illuminated Push Button Switch UL Waterproof Self Lock Anti Vandal Switches IP67 Rating Moveable Ring Illuminated Push Button Switch 

Rotary Switches

8 positions 1 Pole Electric Small Rotary Switch 16 Position Multi Position Electrical Rotary Switch Multi-position16 positions 24V Micro Rotary Switch 2Position-8position DC Rotary Switches 

Micro Switches

Lomg life UL Waterproof Metal Mini Micro Switches IP67 Waterproof Long Life Subminiature Micro Switches UL Long Life Small Electric Micro Switches IP67 Waterproof Dustproof Miniature Micro Switch UL High Current Long Life Waterproof Micro Switches SPDT Waterproof Dustproof Straight Level Micro Switches Waterproof Roller Level Heavy Duty Micro Switch IP67 Waterproof HIgh Current Electric Micro Switch UL Lnog Life IP67 Waterproof Micro Switch Subminiature Sealed Waterproof Micro Switch With Wire UL Subminiature Sealed IP67 Waterproof Micro Switch SPDT UL Certified Waterproof Miniature Micro Switch UL Certificated Waterproof Roller Micro Switch UL Long Life Waterproof Miniature Micro Switch Waterproof Dustproof Long Life Miniature Micro Switch UL CUL Waterproof Quakeproof Electric Micro Switches UL Waterproof Long Life Micro Switches UL Small Size Waterproof Micro Switches Waterproof Sealed Subminiature Micro Switches UL CUL Long Life Basic Micro Switch 

Rocker Switches

UL 4PDT Miniature On Off Rocker Switches IP67 Waterproof Miniature Custom Rocker Switches Momentary Round Sub-miniature Rocker Switches UL IP67 Waterproof On Off On Rocker Switch UL Long life Waterproof Sub-miniature Rocker Switch ROHS On On Custom Sub-Miniature Rocker Switch DC Power Jack SPST Rocker Switches 

Slide Switches

UL Larger Current Miniature Slide Switches Low Power Sub-miniature Mini Slide Switches IP67 Waterproof Gold Terminal Miniature Slide Switches DC Power Jack SPST Slide Switches High Life CUL DPDT Miniature Slide Switches CUL Waterproof Sub-miniature Mini Slide Switches Black DPDT PC Mini Slide Switches 

Tact Switches

SPST Momentary Mini Tact Switches IP67 Waterproof Momentary Touch Tact switches SPDT Tact switches Momentary Tactile Switches 

Automotive Light

DC Multi-voltage LED Automotive Light IP55 Waterproof LED Car Light Automotive Light 

Automotive Fuse

Waterproof LED Warning Light Automotive Fuse Holder IP55 Waterproof LED Automotive Fuse Block 

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